Following an overwhelming responses from its previous season, tvN Asia’s original beauty show “Get It Beauty On The Road” (走出韩妆教室) returns for a second season in Malaysia!

Korean actress and TV personality, Kim Jung-min is back to host the show alongside K-beauty creator, makeup artist and influencer Kim Ki-soo and Malaysian TV presenter, Nadiyah Shahab.


The new season highlights on the beauty tricks and tips for the celebration of Hari Raya as the trio injects on-trend K-beauty elements into the Malaysian traditions, giving it a modern touch.

Many local girls face similar beauty and wellness issues which are caused by the hot and humid tropical weather. “Get It Beauty On The Road” in Malaysia is here to give everyone a complete transformation and tackle Raya-related problems.

Check out the interview with the 2 Korean hosts for some useful tips and tricks for Malaysian women to look good and feel fabulous during the Hari Raya season!

What is the best way to keep your skin hydrated now during the Ramadhan season since we won’t be able to hydrate ourselves.

Kim Jung-min (KJM): I think one of the most important things would be to refrain from eating too many salty foods. I think many locals will naturally choose saltier food during this period now that their taste profile is much blander and it keeps you going. Refrain from very dehydrating elements such as salt and caffeine.

Kim Ki-soo (KKS): Aside from food intake, it is good if you can replenish yourselves with skincare products like ampule or essence to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day. It is also advised for you to take in Vitamin C when you can for extra nutrients that your body may be lacking.


Does wearing mask help with hydration?

KKS: Mask is very important but you must not put it on for more than 15 minutes. There are some people who has a lot of pimples & acne. The acne actually comes from ‘over-masking’. Imagine that your shoes are always wet therefore your feet will swell after soaking it very long and could cause infection. So this is the same concept for your face, which actually swells from the inside and not just the outside if you put the mask on for too long. Do it within the correct amount of time – this is a really really good time.

What is the main difference of Get it Beauty On The Road Season 2 as compared to Season 1?

KJM: During Season 1, it was more of an experimental journey. I was quite cautious and was more observing of everything as I picked up the culture along the whole show. Now in Season 2, I’m much more confident as I’ve learnt so much more about what would fit the locals and we have so much more localised and customised tips to share. We also have a new corner (that is originated from Get It Beauty in Korea) called the Better Girls where we review products together, something we didn’t have last season. I’m also very
excited to see how that turns out.

KKS: We realised after Season 1 that many were expecting a lot of reviews and recommendations about Korean products, so this round we’ve injected more of that into our program. We’ve done a lot of research to see how products and make-up styles will fit the locals here. I can guarantee you that this season has SO much more tips compared to last year, even the people on set were blown away by the quality and amount of tips I was sharing. Stay tuned!

How do we maintain a good youthful complexion and prevent from aging?

KJM: For me, it seems like I’m repeating myself, but it’s always exercise and how you feel about yourself. I meditate a lot and it makes me feel much more calm as a person, and exercising regulates your blood circulation and that keeps your internal state healthy, which in return reflects to your complexion and face. It’s not just about the wrinkles when it comes to aging, it’s about how your body really feels. 

The ankle is like your second heart so if you do exercises like pumping, it will help with your blood circulation. If you don’t have time to exercise because you are too busy, just hit the sole of your feet – it will help with blood circulation. Create a fist and hit yourself all over your body especially the sole of your feet.

KKS: I am 45 this year, and what I have realised is that as long as you have a good heart, and keep yourself happy – it will show not just in your skin condition, but also your general facial complexion. I have this trick where I try to smile all the time to keep my wrinkles lifted. It really works! 80% of beauty comes from your skincare routine, get that right and you’re set for a youthful canvas that lets your make up sit on beautifully.

How do you feel about coming to Malaysia for the second time?

KJM: I am very happy to be back, and it’s always a pleasure meeting the locals and learning about the culture. This time I tried something for the first time, called the Cendol. I really loved it as it taste so good with the black sugar. Its’ definitely a dessert I’d like to introduce to the people in Korea if I ever get rich enough to own a shop that sells one. I have been eating so much in Malaysia, at least 4-5 meals a day. Food here is great!

KKS: I meet people who say that they’ve watched me from the program in Korea and I’m just very happy for the love and support. Food here is also amazing, I’ve been to Jalan Alor and just order from 3 different hawker stalls, and bought street food from 5 different stores. I just couldn’t stop eating!

What did you do to prepare for the second season which is Raya focused?

KJM: At first, I’ve heard about Ramadhan and know that is to do with fasting before the New Year celebration for Muslims but never really understand the meaning behind it. Through this program, I’ve come to realise the true meaning behind the reason for fasting, which gives you a sense of healing and restoration. I find it very amazing because this is not something everyone can do. But Ki-soo definitely did a lot of research and preparation for the program in order to give guys some really good tips.

KKS: When I did Season 1, I wasn’t able to give my best to the Malaysian audience because it was all very new to me but now I’m more confident in knowing what the Malaysian audience needed and I could provide much better tips. And with the Raya themed, I know that Malaysians like to use quite bold colours and with this I could incorporate k-beauty trends and make it more localised and suitable for daily look.

Have you thought about trying to fast?

KJM: I eat a lot, hahaha.. I eat five meals a day but very little portion. I was on medication about two years ago and I had to restrict my diet so I felt that is it quite similar to fasting.

Is there a specific time we should remove our make-up?

KKS: There is a study that shows that our skin is more active and regenerates cells between 10pm to 12am. Therefore, when I have overnight shoots, I will make it a point to remove my make-up before 10pm and re- do my make-up after 12am. Because I feel that it is important for me to let my skin breathe and regenerates the cells. The fact about cell regeneration is true but my routine was just something I developed based on this fact. Also, you should be sleeping between 10pm to 12am.

“Get It Beauty On The Road” in Malaysia will premiere on Monday, 27th May 2019 11pm on Astro RIA (Ch.104) and Astro RIA HD (Ch.123) in Malaysia and on tvN in Asia on Friday, 31st May 2019 at 8pm.

The show will be conducted in Korean, English and Bahasa Malaysia, and paired with subtitles in English, Chinese, Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Indonesia and Thai.

(Interview courtesy of tvN Asia)

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