Just because they have the same first name, when one Aliff messes up, another Aliff suffers the consequences.

Cosmetic millionaire Dato Seri Aliff Syukri has addressed in an Instagram video that people has been condemning him for something that he didn’t do.


Apparently, after the Aliff Aziz’s cheating scandal broke out, many people have left harsh comments on Aliff Syukri’s Instagram, mistaken him for the Singaporean singer.

“Don’t you guys know how to differentiate people? Please don’t comment on the wrong page,” Aliff Syukri said in an Instagram video where he educates people on how to differentiate him from Aliff Aziz.

Netizens and celebrity friends including Fasha Sandha, Jihan Muse, Zulin Aziz, and Zarina Zainuddin have left their comments, expressing their amusement towards Aliff Syukri’s educational video.

This isn’t the first time that a different Aliff suffered consequences from Aliff Aziz’s action. During his first cheating case with Afifah Nasir, Malaysian singer and host Alif Satar was mistakenly criticised by netizens.



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Even this time around, Alif Satar seems to be suffering as well as he posted a photo of him facepalming, with a matching emoji in his caption.

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