A beauty pageant contestant from Sabah Unduk Ngadau (UN) had to prove that she’s not Muslim to enter a local beauty competition.

Having a very Malay-sounding name, Nurul Yanadido who is one of the finalists in the beauty pageant went viral on social media in the past few days due to the name “Nurul”, a very common female Muslim name that comes from the arabic word “Nur al” which means “light”.

Sabah’s Islamic Administration Enactment and a fatwa issue by the state fatwa committee prohibits Muslim women from taking part in beauty pageants, so Nurul had no choice but to bring along her baptism certification to prove that she’s not Muslim to register Kota Marudu Unduk Ngadau beauty pageant.

Nurul became a hot topic on social media, not only because of her name but also due to her beauty which is said to have the features of a Middle Eastern.


Though Nurul didn’t get placed in the Top 3, she went home with a sweep of four subsidiary titles including Miss Natural Beauty, Miss Cahaya Bridal, Miss Popular and Miss La Soul at the event, as reported by MMO.

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