When a couple is having an affair, the female partner is always the one who gets the rough end of the stick as compared to the male.

Though Jacqueline Wong has recently escaped to Los Angeles to get some peace and quiet, she still couldn’t stop the rumour mill from turning.


The latest rumour to hit the actress has pointed out that she is currently expecting and her real purpose of going to Los Angeles was actually to rest and take care of her baby. (What?!)

It is not sure who started the rumour, but plenty of Hong Kong media has reported on this, and now Chinese netizens are actively discussing the issue on Weibo especially in regards to the baby’s father identity.

This isn’t the first time the actress was embroiled in a pregnancy rumour. Back in March, she was said to be expecting when she vomited during a film shoot. She denied the rumours immediately, claiming that she only caught a cold.

There is currently no official confirmation regarding her latest pregnancy rumour so it’s better to take the news with a grain of salt.

But what’s for sure is that Wong just can’t seem to catch a break, while Andy Hui who is also responsible for the scandal is already out of the media spotlight.

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