After Taiwan’s famous bubble tea Xing Fu Tang (幸福堂) made its debut in SS15, Subang Jaya, there’s never been a day when the shop is not full. There’s always a super long queue in front of the store.

Due to high demand, Xing Fu Tang is opening a 2nd outlet in the Klang Valley area so that it is easier for people around Kuala Lumpur to get the drinks, and that location is Sri Petaling!

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【幸福堂】大城堡 [ Xing Fu Tang ] Sri Petaling 緣份一到,擋都擋不住~ 幸福來到大城堡了!Sri Petaling 的幸福粉們有福啦! 台灣第一古法手炒黑糖珍珠鮮奶創始品牌【幸福堂】即將在 Sri Petaling 開設中馬地區第二家分行~即將在四月27號(5點開業)及28號(中午12開業)開始試營業,凡購買兩杯都能享受第二杯半價喔!那麼好的優惠怎麼能夠錯過呢? 現在就來品嚐月售十萬杯紀錄保持者的魅力吧!一起來體驗體驗每一條的幸福紋都是阿嬤對孫子般的關懷與疼愛! The wait is over, Sri Petaling! Taiwan No.1 Stir fried Brown Sugar Boba Fresh Milk – [Xing Fu Tang] is opening soon in Sri Petaling! [Second in Klang valley] We are having Soft Opening Promotion on the 27/4 (from 5pm) and 28/4 (50% off second cup). Let’s seize the happy moment together! 試營運日期 Soft Opening date:27/4 – 28/4 試營運時間 Time: 27/4 Saturday 5pm to 1am 28/4 Sunday 12pm to 1am 試營運優惠 Soft Opening Promotion:第二杯半價 50% off second cup. 地址 Address: No. 20, Ground Floor, Jalan Radin Bagus 8, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, 57000, K.L. 營業時間 Business Hour: 12pm to 1am (Open Everyday) *Business as usual from 29/4 onwards ~ 29/4 之後照常營業*

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The famous bubble tea branch has its soft opening yesterday (27th April) and today (28th April). In conjunction with the opening of its 2nd store, Xing Fu Tang is offering a 50% off for every 2nd cup of purchase.

Xing Fu Tang opened its first store in Taiwan on January 2018, but in just a year, the bubble milk tea company has already opened more than 60 stores across the globe.

The brand is most known for its flagship and bestseller, the stir-fried Brown Sugar Boba Milk, a combination of fragrant brown sugar accompanied with fresh milk and super chewy boba.

So what are you waiting for? Get a cup or two now!

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