Sensational actress-singer Fathia Latiff has officially decided to take off her hijab for good. The actress had been wearing hijab for 3 years since 2016 and now she has chosen to take off the hijab.

The 31-year-old actress has reportedly stopped wearing hijab officially about a week ago, and she even removed all of her photos in hijab from her Instagram, leaving only one photo of her with short hair.


Last night, the actress appeared at a fashion show where she officially announced her decision to take off her hijab.

“When I wear my hijab, I don’t feel like I’m myself. I try wearing the hijab but it seems like it gets me to a darker place. But when I take off my hijab I feel more free. I don’t want to be a hypocrite,” she said to the reporters.

Fathia also noted that she didn’t take the hijab off due to anyone’s influence, but she did say that when first wear the hijab, it is due to her parents and not because she wants to do it.

“If we do something to please other people, it won’t last. Previously, I wear tudung because of other people and not because of Allah or out of my own will,” she continued.

Fathia admitted that while she was wearing hijab, she feels fake, insincere and forced. She said that she will wear hijab once again when she found her answer and truly ready.


The “Nur Kasih” actress also noted that she is aware that she is unable to control the negative comments from netizens, but she hoped that her haters can find their own happiness and everyone else can continue to wish her well.

Fathia Latiff is the latest actress to take off her hijab after Emma Maembong and Uqasha Senrose.

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