Since its debut in 2017, Joe Flizzow’s famous rap cypher show has not only become a platform to discover up-and-coming rappers, but also a place to grow the hip hop community and strengthen the rap scene.

The show, which is a collaborative effort between Kartel Records and Rocketfuel Entertainment, is so successful that a Thailand version of the rap series, known as “Sip Hok Bar” AKA “16 Bars Thailand” is currently filming their own stuffs.


It is revealed that “16 Bars Thailand” will be hosted and produced by Thai superstars Prinya Intachai, better known as DaBoyWay as well as DJAY Buddah of Thaitanium fame, featuring 45 of Thailand’s top rappers.

“It’s very inspiring to see how a homegrown idea can be developed and translated to other countries in different languages,” Rocketfuel’s admiral, Murali ‘Moots’ Marimuthu said.

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