Ocean Park Hong Kong takes great pride in being the leading edutainment attraction in the country. Besides being an Aquarium, zoo, and theme park, all rolled into one, this unique destination also offer experiences that combine entertainment with education and conservation.

In conjunction with the Park’s Animal Discovery Fest (19th April – 1st May), we recently took part in a series of fun and interactive workshops. During these sessions, we uncovered interesting fun facts and important conservation messages about the Park’s (land, air, and sea) animals. Scroll down and find out more:

1. Meet the Walrus programme

Source: Ocean Park
  • Location: North Pole Encounter, The Summit
  • Schedule: Daily from 11am – 12pm, 3:30pm – 4:40pm
  • Capacity: Maximum 10 persons per session
  • Price: HK$360 (approx. RM 190) per person

With the introduction of this brand new Meet the Walrus initiative, guests were allowed to observe the gigantic, moustachioed creature up-close and personal. Those who signed up had the opportunity to feel their skin (it’s surprisingly smooth), feed it, and get a snapshot of the encounter as a memorabilia.


Fun fact: There are currently 2 Walrus in Ocean Park Hong Kong – a male (Rock) and a female (Miru).

2. Build A Nest workshop

  • Location: Amazing Bird Theatre, The Waterfront
  • Schedule: Daily from 2pm – 2:20pm, 4pm – 4:20pm
  • Capacity: Maximum 40 persons per session

Spend 20 minutes to marvel at the Emperors of the Sky. During the presentation, visitors had the opportunity to observe extraordinary birds of prey. Besides learning how to protect these birds and their habitat, kids are taught on how to identify the eggs and nests of various species of birds. Families can also learn to make their own bird nest to better understand clever nest-building techniques.

3. Kinkajou Rendezvous

  • Location: Amazing Bird Theatre, The Waterfront
  • Schedule: Daily from 11:30am – 11:50am, 2:30pm – 2:50pm
  • Capacity: Maximum 40 persons per session

Kinka-who? The Kinkajou (pronounced kink ah joo) has soft, brownish fur and large eyes set in a small, round face. The animal ambassador on duty is more than willing to share about this mammal’s ecological environment and treats they are facing. There are activities where little explorers can recreate a Kinkajou through palm art and snap a photo with a real-life one.

4. Veterinary Centre Guided Tour

  • Location: Veterinary Centre
  • Capacity: Maximum 10 persons per session

In celebration of the Ocean Park Veterinary Centre’s 10th anniversary, the treatment facility has decided to open its doors to the public for the very first time. Backstage tours gives you excess to the veterinary staffs where they open up about their daily duties, experiences in taking care of sick and injured animals, as well as therapies used to treat animals.


Some of the Veterinary services provided here include:

  • Ophthalmology (eye surgeries)
  • Reproduction – artificial insemination
  • Dentistry – dental exam, dental radiography
  • Vascular surgery
  • Semen collection & Cryopreservation
  • Endoscopy

5. Shark Migration Mystique

  • Location: Shark Mystique, The Summit
  • Schedule: 10 sessions per day from 11:30am – 4:30pm
  • Capacity: Maximum 10 persons per session

Can humans and marine creatures cultivate a closer relationship? Absolutely yes! At Shark Migration Mystique, visitors will get to learn about the special transport method used to carry sharks into Ocean Park. These apex predators are either bought from recognise suppliers or exchange with other animals. We also got to learn that the quarantine process is used separate the healthy sharks from the sick.

Pretty interesting huh?

6. Shark Seek-and-Find

  • Location: Shark Mystique, The Summit
  • Schedule: 12pm, 3:45pm
  • Capacity: Maximum 18 persons per session

Now that you’ve learn some fun facts about sharks, go and take an up-close look at them before they hatch. Animal keepers will be able to explain the breeding methods of each shark family and how to quarantine shark eggs.

7. Penguin Base Discovery

  • Location: South Pole Spectacular, The Summit
  • Schedule: 10 sessions per day from 11am – 5pm
  • Duration: 15 minutes per session
  • Capacity: Maximum 20 persons per session

Wanna take a peek into the secret penguin base? You’ll learn how the animal keepers prepare meals and care for all the cute penguins in the venue. Besides listening to stories about the Park’s experiences in penguin husbandry, you’ll also find out the secrets to a happy penguin home.

8. Penguin Breeding 101

  • Location: North Pole Encounter, The Summit
  • Schedule: 11am, 2:45pm
  • Duration: 20 minutes per session
  • Capacity: Maximum 30 persons per session

It’s always fascinating to learn how penguins care for their babies. At this centre, families will get a hands-on lesson on how to become a good penguin parent with the help of pebbles. Be sure to find out more about the different penguin species and their characteristics too!

9. The Nursery Life of Dolphins

  • Location: Marine Mammal Breeding and Research Centre, The Summit
  • Schedule: 1:45pm, 4:40pm
  • Duration: Around 20 mins
  • Capacity: Maximum 25 persons per session

Dolphins are very much like humans in the sense that dolphin calves stay close to their mums after they’re born. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear the nursery stories about baby dolphin Ginger and her mum Gina. You can even see them in action at the pool itself.

10. Gourmet Secrets of the Giant Panda

Source: Facebook
  • Location: Giant Panda Adventure, The Waterfront
  • Schedule: 10 sessions from 11:30am – 5:30pm
  • Duration: Around 15 mins
  • Capacity: Maximum 20 persons per session

We already know that giant pandas consume bamboo, but would you like to know how it is prepared for them? Step into the backstage area and look into their exclusive bamboo fridge and kitchen.

11. Disclosure of Goldfish Family

Ocean Park Hong Kong

  • Location: Goldfish Treasures, The Waterfront
  • Schedule: 11am, 3:30pm
  • Duration: Around 20 mins
  • Capacity: Maximum 18 persons per session

Goldfish Treasures houses various species of gorgeous goldfishes. Here, you’ll also get to learn the historical and cultural significance of goldfish in Chinese society.

For more information, visit Ocean Park Hong Kong’s website here.

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