Shocker! Fast food chain company, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) recently decided to give their old Sanders a whole new look.

Following the company’s postings on their Instagram page, the new colonel appears to look way younger. With a tattoo on his abdominal area and a new cool hairdo, the new Sanders is being referred to as “Virtual Influencer Colonel”.

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I may be a restaurant mogul and international inspiration, but I’m still just a kid who loves being in the kitchen. #humble It’s important never to lose sight of the things that make you who you are. For me, it’s being in the kitchen and making amazing fried chicken. That’s what got me here, and I never want to lose that young and hungry Colonel who spent all his time perfecting fried chicken. I’m still that kid who straps on an apron and makes fried chicken. And I’ll never lose that part of me. Never lose the things that make you who you are. This is part of my #secretrecipeforsuccess. #candid #candidkitchen #colonelskitchen #humble #friedchicken #advice #success #entrepreneur #behindthecurtain #keys #respect #inspiration #positive #positivethoughts #artistatwork #majorkey #cookingram #cooking

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Yup you heard that right! This means you can find him busy posting pictures of his good life on Instagram just like any regular social media influencer. You can even see him posing with his girlfriend.

Of course, what’s an instagram post without a hashtag right? Fret not, new Sanders got that covered. He has his own hashtag to go along with his every post – #secretrecipeforsuccess. They are even tattooed on his abdominal area. In addition, he also gives out inspirational quotes to his followers for free.

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Check it out, fried chicken fam. Not only did I turn myself into a digital, computer-generated influencer, I also got some ink. The one and only @misterctoons gave me this amazing tattoo. I feel like I am both the canvas and inspiration for this beauty. Always try to inspire like I do when I’m making amazing fried chicken. Inspiration is part of my #secretrecipeforsuccess. Stay tuned to my IG to see more from my virtual life, and I’ll also be dropping some wisdom that I call the #secretrecipeforsuccess to help you achieve your dreams. #secretrecipeforsuccess #likeminded #friedchicken #friedchickentattoo  #entrepreneur #behindthecurtain #keys #respect #inspiration #positive #positivethoughts #artistatwork

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“Basically, I am an international mogul turned virtual person who wants to inspire the world with my amazing life.”

According to KFC’s press release, new Sanders will be collaborating with brands like Dr. Pepper, Old Spice, and TurboTax.

For those wondering about the sudden move, this cheeky tactic is actually in line with KFC’s ongoing Colonel ad campaign. In fact, the company has recruited prominent figures like Jim Gaffigan, Reba McEntire, and RoboCop to play the colonel for the previous campaigns.

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#ad Another big meeting with the best people in the business and the best drink in the business, @DrPepper. I always surround myself with the best people so I can figure out and overcome challenges. Like how to engage with millennials. Did you know they like experiences more than ownership? What a world. When we uncover important new facts with our research, there’s no problem my team and I can’t overcome. Especially when we have ice-cold Dr Pepper to keep us going. Always surround yourself with the best people. That’s a huge part of the #secretrecipeforsuccess. #boardmeeting #business #grinding #meeting #friedchicken #friedchickentattoo #drpepper #imapepper #advice #success #entrepeneur #behindthecurtain #keys #respect #inspiration #positive #positivethoughts #artistatwork #virtualcolonel

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Many of the tactics for the campaign usually reflect an internet trend. This move was actually inspired by the incident where a popular New York-based lifestyle Instagram account was exposed for being a fraud.

New Sanders is expected to run KFC’s Instagram until the 22nd April.

Are you digging the new Sanders?

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