Durian lovers, where ya at? Secret Recipe is launching 2 brand new D24 flavoured cakes, the Durian Fromage and Absolute Durian~

Secret Recipe teased the new mouthwatering menu on 1st April but many brushed it off as a typical April Fool’s joke, but turns out it is not joke a at all!

Avid durian lovers should know that D24 is one of the best varieties of durian as it is slightly less overwhelming in flavour and yet it has rich aroma and flesh that is pleasingly creamy and sweet and too sickening.

Cheese cake lovers can get their hands on the Durian Fromage which is basically D24 durian cheese cake, while those who only wish to taste authentic D24 durian flavour can go for Absolute Durian.

Available at all Secret Recipe outlets in Peninsular Malaysia, each slice of Durian Fromage and Absolute Durian costs RM11.80. If you drop by from 3pm to 6pm, you get to enjoy a free beverage.

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