There’s no better day than 1st April aka April Fool’s Day to pull off some good-natured tricks and pranks.

These days, even brands from all over the world are putting their creativity to good use by coming up with mischievous tricks to fool people. Even if you were suspicious of the ads, you have to admit that some of these activities were well executed.

Take a look:


1. Tealive

Golden pearls? Many were wondering what sort of new drink was Golden Pearl Milk Tea when Tealive announced they were launching something new. However, not everyone fell for the trick. “You thought you got me but instead you gave me a decent idea for a brew,” wrote Instagram user Master Jassrin.

2. Domino’s Pizza Malaysia

Domino’s Pizza Malaysia took foodies by surprised when they claimed that a limited edition “crust-only” pizzas for crust lovers was coming. No fillings in the middle, just the plain “fluffy hand-tossed crust paired with a generous sprinkle of Eggstra-Shiok Salted Egg powder”. Domino’s even promised a free salted egg scented candle. Lol!

3. Deliveroo

In contrast to Domino’s Pizza Malaysia, Deliveroo joked that the company was putting a ban on pizza crust orders due to “overwhelming anti-crust feedback from customers”. The food delivery company also added, “Psychologists believe that this newfound resentment towards pizza crust may be one of the long-term side effects from parents’ removing the crusts on their children’s sandwiches“.

4. Grab Malaysia

Last week, Grab Malaysia announced that a GrabFoodCopter service was in the works. GrabFood claimed that they would deliver food from Singapore to Malaysia so people can enjoy their meals judgement-free.

At GrabFood, we love our pranks almost as much as we love our food – no hard feelings? GrabFoodCopter may not exist (someday, perhaps?), but we are completely serious about satisfying all your cravings,” the company said.

5. Foodpanda Singapore

Foodpanda Singapore got foodies excited when they revealed that another food delivery option will be done via jet blates. The reason being? To reduce delivery duration by half (to 15 minutes or less). We hope our Singaporean friends didn’t get their hopes up since it was only an April Fools’ Day joke.

6. Bureau of Meteorology

Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology explained that they were changing the order of rainbow colours because it looks better in alphabetical order: Blue, Green, Indigo, Orange, Red, Violet, Yellow.

7. Sunshine Bakeries

We already have bubble tea as an ice cream flavour and in pizza, so why not a new bubble tea flavoured bread. Not only are there 5 sweetness levels, but the bread also comes with “quality tapioca pearls”! What say you – yay or nay?

8. Up & Go

Want to see your tongue glow in the dark? Try Up & Go’s new sour apple milk. As hilarious as this sounds, we really would like to see how it’ll look like. The Aussie company has since released a statement, “We’re not actually launching Sour Apple but we do have some exciting news! NEW UP&GO Mint Choc has just hit petrol and convenience stores. It won’t make your tongue glow but it will leave you feeling freeesshh“.


9. Airsia

That questionable logo flying around? Ew…

10. Universal Music Malaysia

Universal Music tricked fans into thinking Lany was doing a casting call in Malaysia. Dang it! There goes our dream in starring in the trio’s music video 🙁

11. T-Mobile

T-Mobile wanted telco users to think that the next evolution in telecom – the T-Mobile Phone BoothE – in New York City, had arrived. These vertical vestibules supposedly offer privacy and cuts out noise pollution. Who wouldn’t want that right?

Which April Fool’s Day prank was the best?

Sources: Marketing Interactive, Hit.

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