Have you always found carrying your wallet around troublesome, and preferred an easier and safer alternative? We bring good news!

Social communication company, WeChat has officially announced its intention to include more outlets for its E-wallet system, WeChat Pay.

Source: Fintech

To demonstrate some of its new services, guests were treated to a stimulating experience at WeChat’s showcase at Grand Hyatt, Kuala Lumpur where digitised vending machines were utilised.


Instead of digging for notes or coins, guests were allowed to purchase items through scanning a QR code. For instance, they could purchase items from convenient stores like Starbucks, KK Mart, and Tealive.

In addition, with its cashless system, users would be able to purchase petrol in the near future. The mini-kiosk that was set up demonstrated a potential solution.

Users first select a petrol station, key in the desired amount of fuel and once their vehicle plate number is detected, the pump is activated. The tanks would then be immediately filled and users could be on their way in no time.

Source: Fintech

Another trick WeChat have up their sleeves is their upcoming paying method for mamak stores. We all know that the waiting time at our favourite mamak can be very long at times.

Fret not! With WeChat pay future service, users will get to order their food and beverage beforehand and make the payment instantly. In other words, instead of waiting for the waiter to make an order or payment, users can automatically order and pay through the app.

In conjunction with WeChat’s announcement, the event was graced with the presence of Finance Minister, Lim Guan Eng who gave his blessings for the cashless system, stating its capability of preventing corruption in the country.

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