Warner Bros. and DC Extended Universe’s latest entry, “Shazam”, will officially debut in Malaysia next week.

However, the David F. Sandberg-directed superhero flick has already hit theatres in the US with reviews surfacing online since last week. For those wondering if you should stick around once the end credits start rolling, the answer is YES!


“Shazam” has 2 extra scenes – a mid credits scene and end credits scene – with the former meant to set up a direct sequel and the latter, a tease on where Warner Bros. and DC Films are heading next. There are major spoilers ahead, so consider yourself warned.

In Shazam’s origin story, young Billy Batson meets Wizard Shazam, who grants him the powers to become the titular superhero. The main antagonist here is Dr. Thaddeus Sivana. By the end of the movie, the baddie is seen sitting in a prison cell. There, he receives a visit from the diabolical Venusian worm Mister Mind.

Mister Mind tells the evil doctor that they need to have a discussion about the Seven Realms. Apparently, the wizard Shazam, the Seven Deadly Sins, and the Rock of Eternity aren’t the only source of magic in existence. This revelation hints that there is greater magic out there.

The next bonus scene is a funny clip (taking the cue from Marvel) where we see Shazam talking to fish. The joke scene shows the superhero is wondering out loud that by talking to fish (like fellow DC hero Aquaman), he’d be able to command billions of sea creatures from the ocean.

In speaking with IGN, the filmmaker talked about his process on creating the post credits scenes. “I think it’s probably the same decision-making that one has on all these movies, which is, what’s going to be fun, what’s going to be satisfying for the audience, what’s going to be a nice punctuation mark at the end of the movie that, again, is going to be satisfying for the audience,” Sandberg said. “So that’s the debate you always have. We had a lot of options. I think we ended up with something good.”

There were initial rumours of Black Adam and Superman possibly making a cameo or 2. However, those rumours have proven to be false. Producer Peter Safran revealed that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has never been approached to make an appearance. Although the team had considered writing Superman into the script, the idea was scrapped in order to focus on Shazam as a character.


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Are you excited for “Shazam”?


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