Sorry CNBLUE (씨엔블루) fans, it seems like Lee Jong-hyun (이종현) is in trouble!

Following the recent chatroom scandal, the CNBLUE member has admitted that he viewed the videos that were shared by singer Jung Joon-yoong in the group chat.

Source: SBS

According to FNC Entertainment, Lee Jong-Hyun who is currently serving for the military, is sorry for his actions and spending time to reflect on his behaviour. In their statement, the label shared:


“Lee Jong-hyun is (admitting) that he deserves criticism for watching videos on KakaoTalk, disparaging women and making improper conversation about sex.”

“If he had a correct sense of sexual awareness, he might have not turned a blind eye to (the inappropriateness of the sex videos), so he is repenting for doing so.”

Source: Wanista

The statement ended with an apology, noting, “(We) apologise for those who were hurt by the immoral and promiscuous conversations he had without a sense of guilt.”

The singer has been facing allegations that he was indeed involved in this scandal. However, he denied the claims initially, arguing he had not viewed the footage. But after SBS investigation on this matter, Jong-hyun came clean and confirm that the report was indeed true.


This time, he admitted that he did view the clips and had made derogatory remarks regarding the women in the video. His apology also came with a clean swept for his Instagram account.

This incident sparked strong reactions among fans, demanding for his exit from the group. “We strongly demand expulsion, not suspension. … We cannot accept or buy Lee Jong-hyun’s music career when most of the fandom consists of women and given the social perception of sexual crimes.”


Turns out, Jong-hyun had previously tried to molest Yoona from Girls’ Generation back in 2015. A clip showed him allegedly reaching for her butt. AOA’s Hyejeong also encountered a similar situation once.

Oh, how the mighty has fallen.

Source: Wanista via All Kpop.

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