The Women’s March that took place last weekend has been met with all sorts of disapproval from religious and political authorities, mainly because it has been misunderstood as promoting the LGBT community.

A video clip showing the crowd chanting “Hidup LGBT” has been going viral for the past few days, and this has shocked many Malaysians who did not join the march. However, it was then explained that one of the issues the rally calls for is to end violence based on gender and sexual orientation.

As the issues has become a hot topic, Instafamous and entrepreneur Ezzat Eddy has decided to give his two cents on the issue. As a result, the things he said has caused rage among many personalities and human rights supporters.

“Here’s my take on all of this LGBT thingy going on today. I’m just going to put this out there. I know I’m going to receive a lot of hate because of this video, but anyway, here’s my thought.”

“I do not support and I do not accept LGBT at all. When I first saw the video (clip of the march showing the LGBT chant), my first reaction to that video was ‘what the f**k is going on, Malaysia?'” Eddy said in his video post.

“If you’re struggling with gender identity, seek help as soon as possible. Remember guys, there is always hope. This is not a hate message and I do not hate anyone in the LGBT community.” 

“I’m not a saint or Ustaz, but if the Al-Quran and the Prophet clearly rejects it, then I’m totally out from that shit,” he added.


His statement has caught the attention of many local celebrities and personalities including Alicia Amin, Luqman Podolski, Harvinth Skin, The Ming Thing, and also Singaporean stars such as Dee Kosh, Hirzi, and Farah Lola.

Malaysian model Alicia Amin called the young entrepreneur out on her IG story which has since been deleted.

“If you address a situation as ‘thingy’, you most probably shouldn’t be addressing it at all. Telling people to ‘get help’ means you have zero awareness that psychology, psychiatry and modern medicine recognise sexuality and gender identity on a spectrum,” she said.

Another local model, Nalisa Alia Amin, also voiced out wondering why no one is saying anything on premarital sex, drugs, child marriages and corruption.

“Why only highlight on this issue when there are bigger fights to fight? Muslims slander the LGBT community unprovoked because it gives them a false sense of religious superiority.”

Many netizens also join in to slam Eddy for being ignorant and calling him a hypocrite for speaking about Al-Quran while wearing a shirt with a weed symbol.

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