One of the oldest and most iconic KFC buildings in Malaysia will be serving its signature fried chicken for the last time on 15th March 2019 after operating for more than 30 years.


Located in Jalan Larut, Penang, the KFC which is often dubbed as KFC Castle is the first KFC outlet in Penang, and is known for its unique architecture.

Established in 1986, the fast food chain is set up in a heritage building built during the British colonial in the year 1830. The building has preserved its iconic exterior for more than 3 decades with minor renovation and rectification.

According to Penang Kini, the owner of the building has decided to stop renting the space to KFC and use it for a different project.

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Bakal tinggal sejarah.. 😭 KFC Jalan Larut akan memberhentikan operasi sepenuhnya mulai Sabtu 16 Mac ini. Restoran KFC ini adalah yang pertama di Georgetown Pulau Pinang pada tahun 1986. . . Restoran ini antara restoran KFC paling unik di dunia kerana ia dibina dalam bangunan kolonial tinggalan bangunan lama zaman pemerintahan kolonel British di Malaysia yang dibina pada tahun 1830. Bangunan yang lama dan masih cantik ini mengekalkan rekaan lama namun sebahagian rekaan dalaman telah ditambah. . . Depa kata owner bangunan tak mau bagi sewa dah, nak ambik balik bangunan ni. Projek apa la depa nak buatkan ya? Harapnya bangunan penuh sejarah ini dapat dikekalkan. Tinggal kenangan…😢

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Many Penangites are saddened by the news as the building holds many fond memories for the young and old alike.

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