McDonald’s Malaysia is introducing 2 new items to their popular breakfast menu – the Scrambled Egg Sandwich and the Sausage & Scrambled Egg Sandwich.


The new sandwiches feature fluffy scrambled eggs topped with cheddar cheese and creamy special sauce, tucked between a pair of perfectly toasted, soft buns.

Customers can also have the option of choosing an additional succulent chicken sausage patty with the Sausage & Scrambled Egg Sandwich for a flavourful and filling breakfast meal!

“While the English muffins have been a staple breakfast product for McDonald’s customers over the years, we are constantly looking for ways to give customers great taste and a differentiated menu experience.” 


“These freshly made sandwiches offer ‘almost melt in your mouth’ deliciousness, made from the best ingredients. This new sandwich range will also cater to a wider audience during breakfast hours,” said McDonald’s Malaysia Chief Marketing Officer, Melati Abdul Hai.

The Scrambled Egg Sandwiches start from RM8.50 for a breakfast meal, complete with hashbrowns and McCafe Premium Roast Coffee. The sandwiches will also be available as part of the McSavers Breakfast Mix & Match promo at only RM6.99.

McDonald’s breakfast menu is available from 4am to 10am daily. For more info, visit McDonald’s Malaysia website.

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