Actor Muhammad Iqram Dinzly is no stranger to controversy. In recent years, he has gotten himself into tons of trouble with netizens due to his outrageous postings on social media.

Though he formally apologised afterwards, one of his latest posting shows that he still hasn’t learnt his lesson.


In one of his newer posts on Instagram, the 37-year-old actor shared an almost-nude photo of himself, wearing nothing but only a teddy bear plush toy covering his privates.

Many netizens believe that the actor has gone too far with his latest post, and demanded him to take down the photo.

But from the comments, the actor doesn’t seem to care what people has to say and shot down those who condemned him. Some netizens even believe that the actor may have some mental issues and may need to seek medical treatment.

This certainly isn’t the first time that the actor has caused drama on social media. Earlier this month, he posted a video of him dancing while wearing only a towel on his IG story.

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