Actress Emma Maembong has been getting herself into a lot of trouble for the past few weeks. In a shocking revelation, the 27-year-old actress has confirmed that she no longer dons the headpiece.

The Malaysian-Scottish actress whose real name is Fatimah Rohani binti Ismail, told BH Online that she officially stopped wearing hijab 3 days ago, adding that her faith is still feeble.

Though the actress admitted that her action is not a good example, she explained that it has nothing to do with her recent controversy involving Syed Saddiq’s brother, Syed Abdullah.

“Whatever the reason, this imperfection is my own to bear. The question regarding sin and reward is between me and God. After this, I will accept all criticism with an open heart,” she told the daily.

“For us to continuously wear hijab is not an easy task. There will be all sort of challenges, and if you’re not truly ready, your faith will be shaken as well. What I did is not a good example, so please don’t follow me.”


Emma also said that even when she first started wearing hijab, she was heavily criticised for not wearing it properly. The actress tried to learn little by little, but no matter what she did, she was ridiculed.

“I feel like I’m at war with myself. But I tried to push away all the negative feelings. But when I was at lost and made a blunder, I was immediately punished as though I made fun of the religion.”

“Those who attacked me with hurtful comments seem to think that they are guaranteed to get into heaven…I admit, I’m only human and I’m not perfect,” she said.

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