Malaysia-based Bruneian singer Aziz Harun is a huge fan of American singer-songwriter Jason Mraz who is known for his many hit songs like “I’m Yours”, “Lucky”, “The Remedy (I Won’t Worry)”, and more.

So the 19-year-old singer-songwriter couldn’t believe it when his idol actually did a reaction video to his 4th single “Jangan”, thanks to the help from Warner Music Malaysia.

“MY IDOL! Mannnnn, only the day ones know how big of an influence this guy had on me!” Aziz shared on his Instagram.

In the video, Jason Mraz was seen enjoying the video and music, nodding his head along with the beat and commenting on all the gestures in the video.

“He’s got to pour his heart out in the music. Sometimes that’t the best way to reach somebody. He knows. He’s like ‘I can’t reach you through email, I’m gonna have to write you a song.’ I like that. Beautiful song,” Jason commented.

A representative from Warner asked the 41-year-old singer his thought on the song and the video, and Jason said nothing but kind and encouraging words.

“I think the song is lovely. It’s not overproduced, which I like. I like that you can hear his guitar and you can hear his voice. I think the voice, the messages is always the most important that comes through. You can hear his humanness under the voice, like supporting his message.”


“And I like how the video was like ‘I’m gonna put technology aside and I’m going to write with a pen, and I’m going to pick up my instrument and pour my emotions out’ – that way. I thought that was very sweet,” said the two-time Grammy winner.

Stunned by the reaction video, Aziz Harun struggled for words as he try to express his emotions, “Oh my god. That’s Jason Mraz. He actually watched the video.” The young singer also said that he thought the video was edited and it was joke from Warner’s team.

“This is my idol, Jason Mraz. And He’s actually listened to my song, he’s watched the music video…Maybe one day I’ll get to meet him – this is one step closer. It’s crazy,” Aziz said.

The 19-year-old also received a signed Ukelele from Jazon Mraz. How sweet~ Congrats Aziz Harun!

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