Music lovers will now be able to enjoy an intimate live performance by their favourite artists complete in surround sound, thanks to TGV Cinemas!

The cinema chain will be partnering with Lakefront Xperience (LFx) to launch the world’s first ever live music touring circuit with rising hip-hop star Zamaera to kick off the tour with her new upcoming EP.

“The idea of LFx is for the audience to enjoy an intimate show with surround sound paired with larger-than-life visuals for an unforgettable and immersive acts,” said LFx founder Bryan Tan.

Since video content is very easily accessible with the emergence of VOD platforms like Netflix, iFlix, Viu and more, TGV is enabling a different kind of content for audience to enjoy in the cinemas.

So with the exclusive partnership between LFx, audience can now enjoy the first-of-its-kind live music performances, making live shows more immersive, interactive, and experiential than ever before.

Suitable for all music genre but up to the artist’s creativity 

Though music produced in surround sound is commonplace in movie scores, it has never been done for live music acts. However, artists who wish to perform in LFx would need to produce elements of their music in surround sound in professional studios prior to their performances. The artists will also need to design the visual element  of their acts to fully utilise the massive theatre screens in the hall.

“When it comes to surround sound, you’re bringing a different concept to the show, one that you were not necessarily perform the same if it was outside of a cinema. You can do all sorts of music genre from rock to jazz, but you’re tailoring and designing it so that you can get the best out of the surround sound. So this allows the artist to be very creative,” said Tan.


Available in selected TGV cinemas across Malaysia

Currently, TGV is looking to implement LFx in 9 locations across Malaysia including Klang Valley, Penang and Johor. According to Tan, TGV and LFx are still finalising the touring circuit which is set to kick off in early March featuring Malaysian female rapper Zamaera.

Featuring cinemas comfort and rules

Thanks to the comfort and convenience offered in TGV Cinemas, the live shows will be equipped with the latest visual and sound technologies, allowing the audience to experience a musical immersion like no other. But like every cinema rules, audience are not allowed to record the music session and upload it on to social media.

Audience are allowed to bring in drinks and food from the cinema while enjoying the show – similar to when they’re watching a movie. Ads will be played before the show starts, and the cinema chain is looking at standardising each live performance for 1 hour max. “It’s like watching a regular movie, but the only difference is that you’re watching a live show instead.”

Artists can approach TGV to slot in their shows

Artists who wish to perform live in TGV will need to let the cinema known the kind of shows that they wish to deliver. TGV will then curate and slot the artist at suitable times. Like movie showtimes, the artist’s show will appear on TGV showtimes pages such as Now Showing or Coming Soon, and audience can book tickets for the show straightaway from TGV website.

Cost and time effective

According to Tan, the preparation for the live show will be faster than normal and it saves cost. For performers, LFx brings “plug and play” technology to the table, allowing live music performers to setup and perform in any TGV Cinemas location within Malaysia so that they can tour the nation easily.

“Touring is always such a huge and costly endeavour, but together with TGV Cinemas, we are able to make these live music performances more accessible and cost-effective for the performers as well as the audience,” Tan added.

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