You know that 2019 is in full swing when January has already blessed us with its first viral challenge of the year: #10YearChallenge.

Over the past week, people from all over the world have been sharing a throwback photo from 2009 and comparing it to a recent snapshot from 2019. Guess what? Many of our local celebrities have also joined in on the fun. Here’s a rundown:

1. Michelle Yeoh 

10 year challenge? More like 10 minute challenge.

2. Datuk Aznil

Since the fans wanted it, the fans got it.

3. Thanuja Ananthan

2009 proved to be a significant year for Thanuja when she won the Miss Malaysia crown.

4. Namewee

Woah, the Malaysian rapper has managed to go from 88kg to 62kg. The self-proclaim “handsome” star has also evolved from a boy to full-fledge gangster.

5. Fasha Sandha

Actress Fasha Sandha asked her followers if she still looked beautiful after becoming a mother. Of course!

6. Arwind Kumar

The local YouTube star still has that same charming smile.

7. Amber Chia

No doubt, those beauty secrets have paid off handsomely for this supermodel.

8. Nora Danish

Aw… Nora posted a throwback photo of her first boy in 2009 together with her 2nd son in 2019.

9. Fish Leong

Besides a change of hair colour for the Taiwan-based Malaysian singer, what else is different?

10. Zizan Rajak

The comedy star included his Astro’s “Raja Lawak” colleague Johan to commemorate a decade of friendship and collaborative effort.

11. Alvin Chong

10 years ago, Alvin was just a 17-year-old teenager. The actor-singer has certainly come a long way.

12. Alicia Amin

The “Asia’s Next Top Model” alum has always been bold when it comes to her fashion choices and expression. Her hairstyle is 1 of them.

13. Datuk Hans Isaac

Growing older has worked wonders for Hans Isaac – he now maintains a much healthier lifestyle.

There are also several celebs who decided to poke fun at the #10YearChallenge:

14. Arnold Loh

15. Lisa Surihani

16. Ayda Jebat

What’s next? The #20YearChallenge?

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