It has been more than a year since Fazura released her 1st English track “Only God Knows”. Now, she is proud to present her 2nd English single titled “Can’t Forget Me”, composed and produced by Los Angeles-based Willy Beaman and Cameron Forbes.

The single which is co-written by Fazura is the 1st track from her upcoming 2nd album. “When I first started writing the song with Cameron, I wanted it to channel strength and the importance of loving yourself more than anything, instead of focusing on heartache.”


“Can’t Forget Me” marks the first time Fazura has ever written a song and she plans to write another song for her 2nd album. “I really wanted to write a song specially for Fattah. It is still untitled, but it is basically about him.”

“I hope people won’t throw up after listening to the song because I’m basically praising my own husband, but I really want to dedicate a song specially to him,” she said at the preview of her new single.

Fazura also mentioned that she will be releasing a duet together with husband Fattah Amin soon called “Paling Sempurna”. The couple released the teaser of the song during their 1st year anniversary and they will be performing the track live in the near future.

“Can’t Forget Me” is Fazura’s gift to her international fans from Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and even China. The song was recorded in Los Angeles during Fazura’s visit to New York where she attended the Couture New York Fashion Week to showcase her Fazbulous fashion line.


Fazura hopes to release her 2nd album by the end of this year. According to the 35-year-old actress-turned-singer, the album will consist of mostly Malay songs and probably 1 more English track.

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