Celebrity couple Fattah Amin and Fazura are offended by a statement made by a local ustaz regarding the couple on his social media.

The actor shared a long entry on his social media expressing his disappointment on the ustaz for releasing slanderous statement against him and his wife without any research. The statement has been deleted from his account.



According to Fattah, the ustaz had slandered both him and his wife after reading an article published by a local daily stating that Fattah is fine with Fazura sexy scene in her new music video, “Can’t Forget Me”.

Previously, Fazura has already corrected the news on her IG story, explaining that what she meant was Fattah approved the word “sexy” in her lyrics and clarified that there’s no sexy scene in the video.

Fattah also called out the daily portal, requesting them to not use sentences that can defame him and his wife. “This sort of writing can bring criticism to both of us. We hope the writer can change his way of writing. We’re very disappointed with the way things turns out.”

On his Instagram, Fattah wrote “Even though this is not the first time that we become the victim of slander, this time around is different and offensive because the slander came from a ‘preacher’ who failed to do any research before releasing the statement.”


“Why couldn’t he contact us first for clarification?” Fattah wrote. “We hope the ‘preacher’ will receive guiding light from Allah SWT so that he can lead the people the way Rasulullah SAW did.”


The ustaz known as Pencetus Ummah Syed has released an apology statement to the couple saying that he only made the statement based on what has been reported by the local daily. The statement has also been deleted from the ustaz’s account.

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