One particular K-pop fan is pissed by a tweet which read “Only stupid people go to K-pop concerts”.

The fan known as Wani on Twitter has decided to whip out her straight A’s PMR result and equally excellent SPM result to prove that not all K-pop fans are stupid.

However, Wani ends up getting ridiculed even more after proudly showing her results from lower and higher secondary schools.

Many people condemned her for using the exam results to measure one’s intelligence, while others said that her action shows that she is too arrogant and boastful.


Wani who is a high fan os Twice told mStar that every individual has their own interest and people shouldn’t look down or make fun of it.

“It doesn’t mean that only the people who go to concerts are stupid. There also stupid people who don’t go to concerts,” she said.

“I am truly triggered by the statement because I’ve been to (K-pop) concerts, and I feel sorry for the innocent fans who were insulted and labelled as such.”

“Most of the people who supported the statement and criticised me are Malays. I am angry and sadden by the argument,” she added.

Wani also mentioned that she is sad that K-pop fans always become the target of criticism, when other fans outside of K-pop music are also willing to spend a lot of money for their favourite idols.

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