Jerry Yan (言承旭) has been linked to numerous celebrities over the years.

For years, he’s been rumoured to be dating Chiling Lin (林志玲). However, he has never publicly address details about his love life. The latest rumour has it that the 41-year-old actor is attached to another fellow Taiwanese actor named Jenson Tien (田家達).

Source: Facebook/ Uni-Hankyu

This is not the first time Jerry has been bogged down with gay rumours. He had been surrounded by these type of gossip even during his F4/ “Meteor Garden (流星花園)” days. It also doesn’t help that his bandmates have already been married while he remained a bachelor.


Jerry and Jenson previously collaborated on the TV series “Because Love” (真爱就这么难?). Their first impressions of each other wasn’t a positive one. Jenson previously shared that Jerry initially thought he was difficult to get along with because of a miscommunication. The rest, as they say, is history.

Jerry Yan
Source: Jayne Stars

The rumours resurfaced again when Jenson was caught staying over at Jerry’s house. Jenson’s rep issued a statement, saying, “In Beijing, they were roommates.” Jerry also addressed the rumours, clarifying that, “We’re friends and got together for a private gathering.”

Source: Jayne Stars.

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