Former AV (Adult Video) actress Aoi Sora has announced that she is expecting her first baby with her husband DJ Non.

The 35-year-old actress announced the good news on Instagram by posting a photo of her and her husband, as well as her 5-month old tummy.


While many of her fans and friends congratulated her on the good news, not everyone was kind. Some people stated that they “feel sorry for the children of adult video actresses.”

Aoi who started her career as a porn star at the age of 18 quickly became one of the biggest name in the industry with a huge following around the world.

However, for the past decade the actress has started to move away from the AV industry and began to appear in mainstream TV variety programmes and dramas. Nevertheless, many still associated her with porn films.

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In the latest entry of her blog, Aoi announced her pregnancy, but before doing so, she wrote a whole page of confession, addressing the insensitive comments she received even after leaving the AV film industry.

As translated by SoraNews24, the blog reads:-

“If you think that children of AV actresses will definitely be bullied in the future, then that’s more a reflection of your core values.”

“To people who say, ‘If you’re poor you’re unhappy. If you’re rich you’re happy’, I want to say that’s not true. It’s a simple way of looking at things. Of course, it’s better to have some money, but I don’t think if you’re poor it automatically means you’re unhappy.”

“Of course, it’s better not to do AV, but if you do AV it doesn’t mean you’re unhappy. It might be a far-fetched excuse, but either way, I want to have a child. My desire to have a child is like anyone else’s.”

“Good relationships between parents and children are not necessarily based on parents’ professions, they’re based on the child’s environment.”

Aoi also highlighted her relationship between her family and relatives, and how they are very accepting and supportive of her despite knowing her career.

“Even though some people say AV actresses shouldn’t have children, no matter what, I want to have a child, and I want to become a mother like my mother. I know it won’t be easy,” she adds.

“I’ve now been blessed with a new life. I am five months pregnant…I’m anxious as it’s my first pregnancy, but I will become a mother next May. I look forward to your continued support.”

Aoi announced her marriage to DJ Non back in January this year. Aoi described her husband as “neither handsome nor rich”, but someone who has removed all of her “uneasiness about having been in adult films, as well as everything else.”

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