Jordan Chan and Cherrie Ying’s only son Jasper Chan is already 5 years old, but many fans are hoping for the couple to have another child since Jasper have recently been asking for a younger sibling.

It would seem that the wish may come true sooner than we thought as many fans are speculating that Cherrie is currently pregnant as seen through her latest photo on Instagram.

In the photo which she took with Hong Kong singer Stephy Tang, Cherrie was seen wearing a loose, black sweater, paired with a green skirt, and fans noticed that her hips seems wider than usual and there appear to be a slight bump at the sides.

Thus, people started to speculate that Cherrie is finally pregnant with her 2nd child, and many are even more convinced when they noticed that the actress have been wearing bigger and looser outfits recently.

“Are you pregnant again?”, “The younger sister is finally coming?”,  “Your tummy is glowing!” read some of the comments.


Many fans hope that Cherrie’s 2nd child would be a girl as Jordan himself have previously mentioned in “Dad, Where Are We Going” Season 5 that he wanted a daughter.

Jordan and Cherrie got married in 2010 on Valentine’s Day at Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas. The couple had Jasper in 2013. 

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