Though the combination may seems weird at first,  the result is oddly satisfying.

Last month, myBurgerLab decided to debut a new dish at the 2nd edition of “Ayam Lejen” food festival, and many people are shocked by the weird creation – some even reported it to PDRM! (LOL)


But surprisingly, the dish turned out to be a huge hit among the crowds at Ayam Lejen 2. According to myBurgerLab, they have sold out more 1,500 chicken strips in 3 hours.

Based on the comments, many people seems to really like the latest creation, but since it was only a one-time thing, folks have been bugging myBurgerLab on its social media, asking them to make the dish a permanent item on the menu.

Now, myBurgerLab has decided to comply to the people’s wish by bringing the Milo-coated Chicken Strips with Budu Dip for its December featured item.

“Heyya Peeps, you’ve been asking, and debating, retweeting, and sharing but now the time has come! For December’s Featured Item, we’ve decided to bring back the infamous Milo-coated Chicken Strips with Budu Dip!” myBurgerLab shared on their social media.

“A fan-favourite during the Ayam Lejen II Event that happened not too long ago, this whacky combo will give you a kick right in the tastebuds! And trust us, #dontknockittilyoutryit! Beautifully tender fried Chicken Strips drizzled in Condensed Milk, then coated with a healthy helping of everyone’s favourite: Milo Powder! This sweet and salty creation is then paired with the Spicy and Tangy Kelantanese Budu Dip.”


Available at all myBurgerLab outlets starting today, stocks are limited for this dish which costs RM10 per set. The unique creation will run for a week or while stock last, so get it now while you can!

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