Ever since “Crazy Rich Asians” exploded at the box office, Henry Golding has been appearing in a ton of A-list events in Hollywood. But what is it like to be in Liv Lo’s position.

In her latest IGTV, titled “Relationship Journal”, the 33-year-old beauty opened up about the reality of being Mrs Henry Golding. During the 7-minute long video, Lo talks marriage challenges, soldiering through long distance relationship, and keeping the spark alive.

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So I’ve heard from you guys asking me a lot on how I’m feeling about this whole transition of Henry’s and how I’m doing,” Lo says in the clip. Now that things have calm down a bit, she’s been able to put things into perspective.


She started off by assuring fans that both she and Golding are doing well. “We are in an extremely secure place in our marriage at the moment. Things shift and change everyday, especially with our exciting lives. I’m just feeling really fortunate about being able to here and I wanted to share this experience with you,” she states.

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It’s been a wild ride. I’m going to particularly talk about the last 2 years because that’s the part where Henry and I have been married. We have been together for a total of 7 years now and we’ve always known that this is a very conscious decision to be together,” the fitness instructor express.

She adds, “I describe it as ‘together independent’ and ‘independent together’. So we have chosen to be in this partnership and in this marriage. That is the word that I wanted to underline and highlight – that it’s a choice. Because we’ve decided to be in this partnership together, come what may, we’ve decided that this is the life that we want to live together.”

If anything that I’ve learned – the biggest is how much of an amazing guy Henry is and how fortunate I am to be in a mature relationship where he does include me, and I include him in my life. Because we really can’t live without each other and we know that we couldn’t do what we do without each other as well,” the TV host explains.

For Lo, it took some adjustment in seeing her husband sharing intimate onscreen scenes with different women. To date, we’ve seen Golding kissed Constance Wu in “Crazy Rich Asians”, and Anna Kendrick as well as Blake Lively in “A Simple Favor”. Was it weird and uncomfortable?

I think that’s a very superficial way to look at things. Looking at the general scope of Hollywood, of course it’s a little bit intimidating since Hollywood has broken up a lot of couples. That’s only because they’ve been in the public eye,” Lo suggests. She also laments about the fear of divorce even before entering her marriage.

It’s always been a conscious decision of mine to always work on updating our together purpose and making sure that our relationship is strong and solid and that we are secure in each other,” Lo says.

The Asian beauty reveals, “I have no idea honestly where 2019 is going to take us. It could be that we move, it could be that we live in multiple countries. All I want is for us to be together. So all of you who are asking about how we make it work and how is it for us as a couple, I hope that from listening to this, you’re able to hear some encouragement and absorb some knowledge from my words of advice.”

I can’t say that what works for me is going to work for you because it’s just not that way. I can’t say that you should communicate and you should do this and that. I can generally give advice and say that for us, communication is key. We know each other’s love languages, we know each other’s needs. And as long as we’re able to fulfil that and give each other love… then we’re all good,” she added.

Feel free to watch the full video here:

Lo also shares that she’s heading to London to reunite with the hubby (where he’s currently filming “Last Christmas: The Movie“) before flying to LA for GQ’s “Man of the Year” event.

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