Fate has a funny way of working things out. Before Jason Momoa made his DC Extended Universe debut as Aquaman, he auditioned for another famous superhero.

During his recent interview with Jake Hamilton, the 39-year-old actor opened up that he first tried out to play the role of Batman in “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice“. Things didn’t pan out the way he wanted but it paved the way for him to portray Aquaman.

Jason Momoa Aquaman
Source: Warner Bros.

Yeah I kind of visualised, because it was a generic kind of just general scene from the Christian Bale movie ‘The Dark Knight’ and I just, it was a big casting call so I knew a lot of people were going to be doing it and I just felt like it was a booby trap and I just didn’t want to do it,” the American hunk recalled.


He continued, “So, we did it and I just pretended like Batman got killed in an alleyway and I picked it up and tried to play him like I was just down and out, poor, over it, just done wrong and he wasn’t afraid to punch even good people in the face. And just go like unforgivable about certain things but also like flawed, like the kind of person who would jump off a cliff and figure out on the way down what we’re going to do.”

Jason Momoa Aquaman
Source: Warner Bros.

So, they liked that and then I got called in about probably 2 to 3 weeks later and that’s when Zack laid it down and said ‘I want you to play Aquaman’, which was completely like ‘Excuse me?’” Momoa told the interviewer.

Besides auditioning for Aquaman, Screen Rant reported that the “Justice League” star also was in the running to play Drax the Destroyer in “Guardians of the Galaxy”. The role eventually went to Dave Bautista. He also previously met up with “Avengers: Infinity War” directors Joe and Anthony Russo for an unknown Marvel villain role.

Jason Momoa Aquaman

We reckon things worked out well for him since Momoa truly embodies Aquaman with his edginess and personality that makes the character both threatening and charming. After patiently waiting, fans will finally get to see the DC hero take his place as the rightful King of Atlantis.

In a separate interview with WSVN-TV, the actor revealed the original ending for “Justice League” that was supposed to lay the ground work for “Aquaman”. “In Zack’s cut, we had it where I was with Vulko and Mera and I say that I have to go home, and they say ‘There’s a force coming,’ and that I need to help. And I’m like ‘I’m going home to see my dad,’ and so I get in the back of a pickup truck, pound a bottle of something, and off he goes, the wanderer, you know what I mean?” he said.

So that was kind of like the end of Justice League where I was going — and then we cut to me coming home and run into a submarine and bang oh! Then go see pops and I think he’s just going to get rooted again. I think he’s been gone for so long it’s just him trying to kind of come back to his roots,” Momoa shared.

Source: Comic Book

“Aquaman” swims into theatres this month.

Sources: Screen Rant, Uproxx.

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