A peculiar Twitter thread has been going viral a few days ago where it asks netizens on Twitterverse to “RT for Cik B, Like for BTS.”, saying that it is for “research purpose”.

Most of us would think that BTS would get the higher number considering their international popularity, but surprisingly Cik B is the one in the lead.

As of this time of writing, the thread has been retweeted 13.4k times and has gained a total of 3.9k likes.

If you’re surprised by the numbers, here are some explanations provided by Malaysian ARMYs.


So in conclusion, most of the people who retweeted are Malaysians who either hate BTS or K-pop as a whole.

Also, since the thread is written in Malay language, international ARMYs wouldn’t be able to understand what the tweet is about, which might explained the lesser number in likes. Even Dato Seri Vida was shocked by the amount of retweets Cik B received.

Apparently, this is not the first time such thread has been made. Previously, another user has compared the popularity of BTS with a local comedian, and the result is similar.

Many netizens including us wonder if the tweet is really for research or is it just to gain some attention. Well either way, it worked.

So who would you pick? Cik B, BTS, or Ebby Yus?

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