Social media influencer and YouTube star Harvinth Skin has always been known for his humorous antics and pranks, but this time, his newest prank has gotten him worldwide attention.

Recently, the famous personality shared a 45-second prank video on his social media where he pretended to steal a pair of sneakers at JD Sports in Pavilion Elite.

In the video, Harvinth was trying on a pair of Pumas and he was assisted by one of the staffs named Martin. After putting on the sport shoes, Harvinth got up to check whether the shoes were a good fit.

But what the salesman didn’t see coming is when Harvinth decided to dart out off the shoe store with the new kicks. The salesman immediately ran after him with the shoe box still in his hand, but he was confused to see the YouTuber ran back into the store afterward.

Martin was relieved to find out that everything was just a prank, and internet praised him for his dedication to chase Harvinth.


The video has gone viral on social media and being shared by several international sites including Buzzfeed, World Star, Mashable, ODDSbible, UPROXX, B/R Kicks, Highs Nobiety and more.

The video is so viral that even the big boss of JD Sports Malaysia warned Harvinth to stop scaring his staff.

Harvinth said that he did eventually buy the sneakers, and he also said that Martin has been given a raise for his “valiant effort of keeping a smile and not punching me in the face”, and is now “Employee of the month”.

Hurray for Martin!

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