Last week, KFC Malaysia added a new Korean twist to its menu by introducing the new KFC Spicy Gochujang Crunch.

Now that foodies all over the country had the chance to try on the new food item, what do they think of it? Those who have tasted it had plenty to say on social media. Some thought it was not bad, while others concluded that the taste was disappointing.

Source: KFC

For those wondering what’s so special about this new limited-time menu: it comes with a special Spicy Honey Gochujang sauce. The sauce has “the spicy and savoury Korean signature red chilli paste, Gochujang, an essential ingredient in most Korean dishes”. Honey is also added to enhance the flavour with a subtle sweetness.


We know that there are many Malaysians who love the Korean culture including their cuisines. Our new Korean concoction offers a unique Gochujang sauce that is perfectly crafted to pair with our signature favourite chicken. It’s a distinct Korean spicy flavour that everyone will enjoy. It is a must try and promises a truly satisfying K-bite!” said Ling Mee Jiuan, Chief Operating Officer of KFC Malaysia.

KFC Spicy Gochujang Crunch
Source: Twitter

The KFC Spicy Gochujang Crunch is available in 2 sets. Customers will get KFC’s signature Hot & Spicy chicken, Spicy Honey Gochujang sauce, signature KFC sides of coleslaw and whipped potato, along with a premium refreshing beverage, Tropicana Tropical. The 2-piece chicken combo is price at RM14.50 while the 3-piece chicken combo costs RM19.50.

A couple of netizens shared that they weren’t given Spicy Honey Gochujang sauce when ordering. A few who tasted the sauce commented that it “taste like cili kering busuk”. There are also those who felt that the cause didn’t necessarily pair well with fried chicken. Perhaps KFC ought to have included authentic Korean fried chicken instead.

Having said that, there are also those who gave 2 thumbs up for KFC’s Spicy Gochujang Crunch. The only way to know for sure is to try it for yourselves and decide.

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