Who doesn’t love long weekends? Especially if it falls on a Friday or Monday. Since we’re only a few weeks away from 2019, it’s time to plan ahead for some awesome getaways!

Besides the annual Chinese New Year and Hari Raya public holidays, there are still plenty of other dates throughout the year to optimised your long weekends. Instead of working in between holidays, “stretched” your weekends with your leaves. Even if you aren’t travelling, taking some me-time to discharge is recommended.

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Come next year, we’ll be having a total of 12 national public holidays and several long weekends that are spread pretty evenly throughout 2019, with the exception of a few “dry months” in April, July, October, and November.


The official national public holidays in 2019 are:

  1. New Year’s Day: 1st January (Tuesday)
  2. Thaipusam: 21st January (Monday)
  3. Federal Territory Day: 1st February (Friday)
  4. Chinese New Year: 5th – 6th February (Tuesday & Wednesday)
  5. Labour Day: 1st May (Wednesday)
  6. Vesak Day: 19th – 20th May (Sunday & Monday)
  7. Nuzul Quran: 22nd May (Wednesday)
  8. Hari Raya Puasa: 5th – 6th June (Wednesday & Thursday)
  9. Hari Raya Haji: 11th – 12th August (Sunday & Monday)
  10. National Day & Awal Muharram: 31st August – 2nd September (Saturday, Sunday & Monday)
  11. Malaysia Day: 16th September (Monday)
  12. Christmas Day: 25th December (Wednesday)
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From the national public holidays, those residing in Malaysia will get to enjoy the following long weekends:

  1. Thaipusam: 19th – 21st January (Saturday, Sunday & Monday)
  2. Federal Territory Day: 1st – 3rd February (Friday, Saturday & Sunday)
  3. Vesak Day: 18th – 20th May (Saturday, Sunday and Monday)
  4. Malaysia Day: 14th – 16th September (Saturday, Sunday & Monday)

By using the cheatsheet, all you need to do is apply additional leaves (at the blue coloured label on the image above) to increase your precious long weekends. Yay! So when is it advisable to apply leaves? Read on:

  1. 1 Day Leave on 31st January (Monday) -> 29th January – 1st February (Saturday – Tuesday) = 4 days
  2. 1 Day Leave on 4th February (Monday) -> 3rd – 6th February (Sunday – Wednesday) = 4 days
  3. 2 Days Leave on 2nd & 3rd May (Thursday & Friday) -> 1st – 5th May (Wednesday – Sunday) = 5 days
  4. 2 Days Leave on 23rd & 24th May (Thursday & Friday) -> 22nd – 26th May (Wednesday – Sunday) = 5 days
  5. 1 Day Leave on 7th June (Friday) -> 5th – 9th June (Wednesday – Sunday) = 5 days
  6. 1 Day Leave on 9th August (Friday) -> 9th – 12th August (Friday – Monday) = 4 days
  7. 1 Day Leave on 30th August (Friday) -> 30th August – 2nd September (Friday – Monday) = 4 days
  8. 2 Days Leave on 26th & 27th December (Thursday & Friday) -> 25 – 29 December (Wednesday – Sunday) = 5 days
Source: GoBear

*Dates shown are only preliminary and could be subject to change.

Stay hyped wanderlusters and start planning your holiday trips. You can thank us later ?

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