The highly anticipated local buddy cop film “Polis Evo 2” is set to be released in cinemas nationwide on 22nd November 2018, but before the movie is released, some people have already decided to boycott the movie as it is said to portray Islam in bad light.

It all started when a certain group of Malaysian Islamists  have claimed that the film brings bad image to the religion of Islam as it features a turban-wearing antagonist played by actor Hasnul Rahmat who takes on the role of a terrorist and main villain of the movie.


“When I read the synopsis of Polis Evo 2 which is directed by these so-called directors who try to give Islam a bad name, I call out to the people and ask them to boycott this trashy film,” PAS committee member Dr Riduan Mohd Nor wrote in a lengthy Facebook post.

Riduan said that he understands that Islam has always been portrayed as evil in many western movies, but he questions why Malaysia is also doing the same.

Riduan’s post certainly brings about a rise to a group of supporters who agree with his statement. According to some commenters, a turban is supposed to be a holy headpiece as it is part of the attire worn by the Prophet of Muhammad.

Nevertheless, many also came forward to defend the movie, saying that it has nothing to do with Islam or the Prophet, and it is made purely for entertainment value.

Lead actor Zizan Razak also voiced out his thoughts on the matter in one of his IG Live videos. The actor lamented, “Making the movie is not easy, it requires a lot of time, brainpower, effort and money, so when people said they want to boycott the film – how easy is that?!”


“Watch the film first, and then comment…The movie has gone through Malaysian censorship board, we’ll let them answer your questions,” the 34-year-old actor said.

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