Looks like some sort of drama is going on between Hong Kong actor Donnie Yen and the production team of his latest movie “Iceman 2”.

When you have reached a certain fame, it’s only natural that you will have a certain extent of demands and diva attitude going on, and that seems to be the case with actor and martial artist Donnie Yen, who was called out by the production team of “Iceman 2” on Weibo for his supposedly king-like bad behaviour.

Apparently, “Iceman 2” is not doing so well in the box office as well as among critics, and all the fingers are pointed towards the leading cast Donnie Yen.

In a lengthy post on Weibo, the production team behind “Iceman 2” has highlighted all the misconducts done by the 55-year-old actor. Some of them include changing the script as he wants, refusal to retake scenes, refusal to wear a wig saying that the wig “restrained his acting”, interfering with the directors and cast, and editing out other actors’ scenes during post-production.

The production team claimed that they abide with Yen’s selfish demands as they hope that he will in return help with the publicity efforts. But as the film was set for release, the actor refused to market the movie and kept on making multiple excuses to avoid being involved in the movie.

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Donnie Yen has responded on Weibo in an even more lengthy post, claiming that the accusations made by the production team are false. The actor also said that this is a publicity move made by the production team after the poor box office result.

“This sequel film was made 5 years ago, but why only now do you decide to list out the dissatisfactions, and at the same time during the time when the poor reviews are out? Will slandering an actor’s reputation  increase the film’s reception or improve the box office results?” Yen wrote.

Though the “Iceman 2” production team has deleted the Weibo post, Yen said that he will continue to pursue legal action for the accusations.

Sources: Drama Panda, JayneStars

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