Earlier this year, netizens were blown away by Ameera Khan’s GE14 pickup lines in Kelantanese dialect in “It’s Alif Show” on ntv7. The segment was very brief as she only read out 4 pickup lines in the dialect.

This time, netizens were once again impressed as the fashion influencer has conducted an 8-minute makeup tutorial video in Kelantanese dialect for the 1st time ever.


Though there are moments when she slipped in some English words and there are also times when she was unsure of the Kelantanese words she’s using, netizens find her effort commendable and adorable.

Some says that this video is even more entertaining than her other makeup tutorial videos as she looks friendlier when speaking in Kelantanese dialect. What do y’all think? Do you agree?

Her sisters Neelofa and Athisha Khan also gave their shout-out to show support and many fans are asking Ameera to do more videos in Kelantanese dialect.

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