Happy 12th anniversary Tony Roma’s Malaysia!

On Tuesday (30th October), we had the chance to taste some of Tony Roma’s fresh new menu items. In support of the local agricultural industry, ingredients for the new food were sourced from local farmers with the intention to infuse authentic Malaysian flavours.


We hope Malaysians will take to this new menu which features local ingredients, thereby creating a uniquely Malaysian taste that we have come to love. At the same time this new initiative also raises the possibility of introducing these uniquely Malaysian flavours to Tony Roma’s international menu,” senior marketing manager Salleharon Ahmad said in a press release.

Our favourite past time has got to be food. Do drop the nearest Tony Roma’s outlet and try on these Malaysian-flavour western dishes. The limited time dining experience is already available and will run till 30th November 2018.

1. Ribeye with Green Chili Sauce

  • Price: RM85.90

Kicking off the mouthwatering lineup is a tender 10-ounce Ribeye steak, masterfully flavoured with a specially concocted mild green chilli sauce, created from fresh green chillies directly from Cameron Highlands.

2. Grilled Lamb Shoulder with Pineapple Sauce & Salsa

  • Price: RM89.90

Lamb lovers are recommended to opt for the Grilled Lamb Shoulder. It exudes a slightly exotic tangy twist and the 4 juicy pieces of tender lamb chops are infused with a savoury marinade. For the complete meal set, chow down on a duet of fresh pineapple salsa over a sweet pineapple sauce.

P/s: The fresh pineapples are sourced from Ayer Hitam, Johor.

Pair it with: Deep Fried Okra – fried till golden brown but it still ozzes the leafy freshness. It’s a crunchy snack that will leave you wanting more.


3. Half BBQ Chicken with Aromatic Ginger Sauce

  • Price: RM39.90

The BBQ Chicken now has an Asian twist to it. What’s unique about this dish is the unmistakable ginger flavour and aroma. Hot and aromatic on the outside, yet tender and juicy on the inside.

Pair this with: Aromatic Ginger Rice, a fragrant and fruity rendition of Malaysia’s most loved staple.

Head to the nearest Tony Roma’s restaurant today and experience these new dishes for yourself.

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