Happy Halloween peeps! Choosing the perfect Halloween costume can be exciting and daunting at the same time. Regardless if you’re opting for the latest trends, the DIY route, or wiping something at the 11th hour, there are always plenty of ideas to go with. However, if craving for something more musically inclined, Hype Malaysia has got you covered.

What better day to celebrate the season other than watching a selection of K-pop music videos? A genre that has paid tribute in their own ways, here are our top 10 picks of the best K-pop Halloween-themed music videos.

10. Ladies Code – “Hate You”


Launching straight into the theme, Ladies Code turned our blood cold with “Hate You”. With the use of dolls, glitches and possessed stares, it’s hard not to be disturbed watching this music video. The macabre sense of it all is just emphasised with the classic use of candles, deep red roses and of course, skulls.

9. BTOB – “Thriller”

A classic throwback to 2013 with this entry, BTOB paints the world a gruesome shade when they emerged from a graveyard. Probably one of their more dramatic comebacks, this music video remains a powerful one from them—evident from the knockout vocals amidst the morbid themes.

8. Dreamcatcher – “Good Night”

Dreamcatcher stands out for their refreshing sound of a girl group with heavy rock. Beginning with the hair-raising intro of a music box, “Good Night” serves as a perfect introduction to the group if you are not familiar with them. The haunting vocals of the track tinges it perfectly with the natural unearthly vibe of the song, making this a must-listen for Halloween.

7. f(x) – “Red Light”

Known for their choice of experimental tracks, f(x) once again changed the game when they threw this curveball of a song. “Red Light” is perhaps one of their radical title tracks, somehow personifying the literal feeling of danger into a song. The music video’s natural unsettling aura adds to the creepiness, even more so with the track constantly changing its pace when not expected.

6. VIXX – “Voodoo Doll”


The name says it all—even more so with the need for a “clean” version of the music video! Probably one of the grotesque K-pop music videos out there, VIXX challenged the standard of idol groups by visualising what it’s like to literally be strung along and played by a girl. Using a great amount of special effects makeup, this music video is definitely not something to watch if you have a queasy stomach. With blood making a constant appearance, “Voodoo Doll” will always be the group’s most daring choice.

5. Primary ft. Choa – “Don’t Be Shy”

Enter the world of occult with Choa – a rather surprising music video to accompany the chill, reggae track. For people who are used to Choa’s usual image when she was with AOA, this was a complete 180-degree switch from her usual sultry and coquettish concept. The contrast from the relaxing track and the visuals is perhaps what is most disturbing, even more so when such lovely vocals are playing in the background as a game of Ouija goes on.

4. Sunmi – “Full Moon”

When one looks at Sunmi’s ethereal beauty, you can’t help but wonder if she’s an ageless vampire… or is she? Beginning with a jump scare, this legendary music video is not one to be skipped come Halloween. Successfully delivering a mix of the frightening nature of vampires yet their sexy appeal – Sunmi broke through with this solo song, with the iconic barefoot dance that is constantly referenced to till this day.

3. Red Velvet – “Peek-A-Boo”

Red Velvet, known for their cute and pastel image switched things up when they traded their usual adorable looks for this creepy concept. A stellar track with one of the most unique beat drops to date from them, “Peek-A-Boo” has a teasingly grim vibe. With their bewitching beauty, the 4 girls seem to be a part of a cult that sacrifices pizza boys, in particular. Playing with classic gothic themes of dark mansions, rituals and—well, flinging several weapons at each other for practice—this will always be a standout music video in terms of their discography.

2. TWICE – “TT” 

What says Halloween better than the actual thing itself? Telling the tale of 2 children who come knocking for trick-or-treating, the girls of TWICE wowed us all with their take on costumes and dancing in a Jack-O-Lantern. This track in particular was a turning point for TWICE (famed as the girl group of the nation for their refreshingly cute title tracks) when they opted for a more mature sound. Nevertheless, being the icons they are—they somehow still managed to sneak in an addictive cute dance move that gripped the nation!

1. SHINee – “Married to the Music” 

And of course at first place, SHINee reigns supreme. A bold choice of a repackage comeback in the summer, “Married to the Music” is the epitome of a stylish Halloween. From the quality of the costumes and looks being served to the retro, funky sound of the track; SHINee doesn’t disappoint.

Playing on the idea of ‘marriage is a slow death’, they take the viewers on a wild ride of a party gone wrong with a killer bride determined to create a perfect man by taking several body parts of each member. The use of colours and almost comical take on a seemingly disturbing situation is what makes this music video superior, making it a brilliant homage by marrying the likes of The Addams Family visually and Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” musically.


BTS – “21st Century Girl” dance practice

Feeling a little spooked out from this list? Not to worry, here’s a little something to lighten your mood. Despite all of the spine chilling elements of the season, let’s not forget the simple joys that also come with it. Here we have the 7 boys of BTS reminding us that Halloween is the best time to enjoy the fun of dressing up—and even embracing a humorous take on it with this rather chaotic yet notable dance practice.

Article by Leyasheena Panicker.

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