The best celebrity Halloween costume for this year should definitely goes to Joe Jonas who dressed up as his fiance’s iconic character from “Game of Thrones”, Sansa Stark.

It is no doubt that Joe is a huge fan of Sophie Turner’s role in the famous HBO series as he decided to honour the character (but to also poke fun at his fiance) by dressing up as her for Halloween.

The couple attended Kate Hudson’s star-studded party in Los Angeles on Saturday night (27th October) where Joe, 29, rocked a long blue dress with Sansa’s signature red hair and braids, while Sophie, 22, opted to go as an adorable elephant.

However, even though Joe is going with Sansa look, many think he looked more like Merida from “Brave” or Princess Fiona from “Shrek” – and we kind of agree too!

Nevertheless, we think that the lovebirds look absolutely amazing and hilarious, and in our opinion, Joe definitely won Halloween with that look!

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