Malaysian hearthrob As’ad Motawh has finally released his 2nd single “Percaya” together with the official music video. The vibrant music video is currently #6 on YouTube trending with a total of 415k views and counting.

Netizens praised the beautiful and colourful music video, putting it at international level, but some also noticed that the video exudes strong K-pop vibes.


Malaysian K-pop fans especially ARMYs and EXO-Ls have pointed out some of the similarities between “Percaya” music video with BTS and EXO’s music videos.

Some scenes seem to bear resemblance to EXO’s “Monster” and “Lotto”, and it also features similarities to BTS’ “Fake Love”, “DNA”, and “Boy In Luv”.

Due to the likeness, K-pop fans have accused As’ad Motawh of copying K-pop materials but the team behind the “Percaya” music video has explained that the music video did use the 2 boy bands as inspiration and reference, but they most definitely did not copy the groups.

In the Behind-The-Scene video of “Percaya”, the team has already cited using BTS’ “Boy In Luv” as one of the reference materials.

So what do you all think about As’ad’s new music video? Do you get a sense of deja vu after seeing the video? Let us know your thoughts!

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