Famous Taiwanese band F.I.R (飛兒樂團) will not be the same anymore! After staying quiet for quite some time, the band announced yesterday that they will have new music as well as a new singer.

The new lead vocalist was introduced yesterday at a media conference in Beijing, and coincidentally, the new singer is called Lydia Han Ru (Lydia 韓睿).


For those who didn’t know, “Lydia” was the band’s most famous hit that made them well-known throughout Asia. The song was also the theme song for the Taiwanese TV drama “The Outsiders” (鬥魚).

The 22-year-old new lead singer was personally chosen from hundreds of potential newcomers by Ian and Real. She was a graduate from Zhejiang Academy of Music and was the voice behind F.I.R’s latest track “Spark” (星火) – the theme song of the movie remake of “The Outsiders”.

Before F.I.R debuted in 2004, the band already sang the theme song for the TV series, but the drama was aired in Taiwan without revealing the singer of the theme song. For the movie remake, F.I.R apparently used the same approach as they also did not reveal the singer of the new theme song.

F.I.R stands for Faye (former lead singer), Ian (keyboardist) and Real (guitarist) but is also said to be a backronym for “Fairyland In Reality”, the name of their debut album.



But with Faye out of the group, fans argued over the band’s name, saying that the band should at least go with a different name now that they have a new singer. This is also to honour the original singer of the group.

But Real defended saying that F.I.R doesn’t stand for their names but means “Fairyland in Reality”, adding that they are not like S.H.E who uses their names to form the band name.

According to Ian, the reason Faye exited the group is because she now has a new music direction that is different from the band.

“We have been in touch with her these past 2 years, and we even invited her to return to the group. But she is more into EDM now and she is very contented with her current music. We also feel happy for her,” he said.

F.I.R’s other famous hits include “Our Love” (我們的愛), “Your Smile” (你的微笑), “Years of Love” (千年之戀), “LOVE*3”, “Fly Away”, and more.

Source: CRI Online

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