A few weeks ago, the internet got crazy over a half-naked photo of our sports and youth minister Syed Saddiq in a bathtub even though he was only trying to relieve his muscle pains by soaking in ice water.

Today, Malaysians are shocked to find another photo spreading on Twitter, a half-naked photo of Syed Saddiq holding a cigarette – but the twist is, it’s not him, just someone that looks eerily like him!

The person question is actually a 20-year-old Mexican-Colombian actor named Diego Tinoco, who was most known for playing Cesar Diaz in Netflix’s “On My Block” series.

Many Malaysians flocked to Diego’s tweet to leave comments and some even tagged our YB on the tweet. But for now, the minister has yet to respond.

If you look closely, Diego doesn’t really look like Syed Saddiq cos’ Syed has bigger eyes and nose, and thicker eyebrows. But the hairstyle, posture and angle of Diego in the photo do makes him look like Syed Saddiq at first glance.

The two doesn’t exactly look the same, but they can definitely pass off as relatives. Check it out yourself.

See, different right? The question now is, who is the better looking one and who would you rather date? (LOL)

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