Celebrity entrepreneur Nur Sajat has filed a police report against Celebrity Fitness Malaysia, claiming that the famous fitness centre has allegedly leaked her private information for personal usage.

According to the businesswoman, she had already lodge a police report against the fitness centre. She further complained that the staff at Celebrity Fitness Malaysia, particularly from Celebrity Fitness Klang Parade has been using her personal data for self interest.

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I already made a police report here on misuse of power among @celebrityfitnessmalaysia staff for their self interest using! We are not feel safe!!! to use this service and sign up to celebrity fitness because they can view your details arbitrarily. So that, they can use your information for doing loan or something bad thing maybe. So beware if you want to sign up with celebrity fitness especially their staff but not all the staffs are bad. All outlets that i have been tried to workout before are better with good staff such as cf mainplace, cf shah alam, cf mines & many mores but this cf klang prade make me feel uncomfortable with what they done to me. One of cf staff at klang parade view my access card and take my information. This is very rude & illegal. Share to public… And tell what i am doing there from A to Z!! Hello. Please dont busy body,, show your first bullshit. My access card is VIP, can access all south east asia !!!! I pay for the whole year contract! Thats not cheap ok, its a rush from cf for taking money but what i get here???? Please take action to the staff, Please becareful especially well known person!! Everybody know me. If like this, celebrity fitness allow their staff to view client information, we are not in good condition. I hope @mykpdnhep and Malaysia Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) DO something because customer always right and i ddnot do something weird or bad even i only do workout and exercise only for my beauty. So! Please mind your own business!!! I will do legal action because there are no solution on this fucking bullshit thing. Remember i will sue you and the big big name company @celebrityfitnessmalaysia to my lawyer… #legalaction #illegaldone #missusepower #badstaff #celebrityfitness #kpdnkk #worlwide

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“I don’t feel safe using the service anymore because the staff there can view your details easily,” Sajat said in a statement. “One of the the staff at Klang Parade has viewed my access card and took my information. This is rude and illegal!”

Sajat calls out to the fitness centre on her social media and requested for them to take action against the staff who exposed her privacy, adding that she will take issue to court if necessary.

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