This year’s breakout rom-com hit “Crazy Rich Asians” gave us a glimpse into the rich and famous upper class world. A newly-released report suggest that the Jon M. Chu-directed movie may be more accurate than what many of us think.

Credit Suisse Research Institute’s 2018 Global Wealth Report and Databook reveal that Singapore has 183,737 millionaires. From there, roughly 1,000 of them are worth more than US$50 million (RM207 million). For those curious, Singaporean millionaires have increased by 11.2% from mid-2017 to mid-2018.

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So how does Malaysia fare in comparison? Our country has 46,702 millionaires. From that amount, less 500 people are worth US$50 million (RM207 million). The research also stated that wealth per adult increased by 5.3% to US$283,000 (RM989,645) – placing Singapore as the 9th highest worldwide. The wealth per adult in Malaysia is only US$27,970 (RM116,314).


Credit Suisse’s report has predicted that the number of millionaires in Singapore will rise by 5.5% per year in the next 5 years. Our neighbouring country currently has 183,737 millionaires. It’ll soon increased up to 239,640 millionaires. We know what you’re probably thinking, who would’ve thought that there were that many millionaires residing in such a small country!

Crazy Rich

Source: Next Shark.

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