Some fans can get pretty aggressive when it comes to their favourite idol, especially hardcore fans. This can sometimes affect the idol’s loved ones including partner, family and friends.

That is what happened to “Meteor Garden” (流星花园)actor Vic Chou’s (周育民) wife Reen Yu (喻虹渊), who have been a victim of cyberbullies even though she and her husband have been married to each other for more than 3 years.

The 30-year-old actress shared a lawyer statement on her official Facebook page which listed out the account names of the cyberbullies such as Ivy.lim_, Jessica Winnata, Jessica Zhouu, Jessica Denys, Jessica Ezimore, Jessica Wang, and Lisa Jung to name a few.

According to the statement, the cyberbullies “are likely to be the same individual or a group of individuals” who have been “frequently leaving derogatory comments” on Yu’s web pages.

“These daily posted remarks, which aim at bullying Ms. Yu, are voluminous and pervasive in their scope, and extremely derogatory and slanderous in their contents, which clearly show the authors’ insidious intention to harm Ms. Yu,” the statement read.

The statement continues to reveal that the cyberbullies even go to the extent of taking clips and footages of Yu’s old videos and photos, and include “explicit personal attacks and villainous insults” against her.

The attacks not only have brought emotional distress to the actress but have also affected her family, friends and fans.


“These injurious acts have constituted the criminal offences of disparagement, aggravated libel and defamation, as well as infringement against Ms. Yu’s personal image rights.”

It is said that the bullying began in early September 2018, but Yu has finally decided to take legal action against the cyberbullies, adding that she has “preserved all evidence and intends in due course to file criminal charges with the authorities in taiwan and other pertinent jurisdictions, such as Thailand and other countries and regions.” 

On the other hand, the cyberbully have responded to Yu’s statement after some netizens managed to dig her out. The bully has admitted to her action but didn’t plan on repenting, adding that she is not afraid of Yu’s lawyer letter.

Yu’s husband Vic Chou has yet to respond to these issues.

Source: Drama Panda

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