Now that’s fast! Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson’s split is as sudden as when they first started their relationship. But many fans claimed that they have seen this outcome from a miles away.

Last night, TMZ has reported that the former lovebirds have officially called off their 4-month engagement and split up for good, acknowledging that it was simply “not the right time for their relationship to take off” despite them still having “love for each other, but things are over romantically”.


Many fans speculated that the split has something to do with Ariana’s former beau Mac Miller who recently passed away due to apparent drug overdose. Following the death of Miller, Grande has been going through difficult times especially after facing tons of harassment on social media from people who blamed her for Miller’s death.


The “Dangerous Woman” singer has been tweeting a thread of emotional tweets, showing that she is unable to cope with the loss of her former partner. She had also distanced herself from public appearances in order to heal and grieve many hardships.

She recently cancelled her performance at the Barbara Berlanti Heroes Gala in Los Angeles, and this was her 2nd big gig that she has cancelled. the 1st was her slot as the Saturday Night Live performer for the show’s season premiere just two weeks ago.

Grande began dating Davidson back in May, almost immediately after her split with Mac Miller. Her relationship with the SNL comedian blossomed rapidly, and the two got engaged in June.

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