Some may already be tired of Hollywood’s ongoing reboot trend, but that doesn’t mean movie buffs aren’t interested. Our attention is currently on the remake of 1955’s “Lady And The Tramp”.

There’s plenty to be excited about Disney’s “Lady And The Tramp” live-action movie. For starters, animal lovers will get to see adorable dogs running around on the big screen. Besides that, the main cast is also pretty amazing. Curious to know who’s playing who? Scroll down and find out:

1. Tessa Thompson as Lady

Source: BlackFilm

While she’s not busy saving the galaxy in “Thor: Ragnarok” with partner-in-crime Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson is taking a break to voice the beloved cocker spaniel, Lady, who lives with a well-off family (Jim Dear and Darling) in Manhattan. When the couple welcomes a baby, Lady ends up on an adventure with a stray.


2. Justin Theroux as Tramp

Source: WDW News Today

Justin Theroux will voice Tramp, a mongrel who lives on the street who forms a surprising bond with Lady. When Lady is attacked by a pack of stray dogs, Tramp jumps to her rescue and removes a muzzle around her mouth.

3. Janelle Monáe as Peg

Source: The Film Magazine

The singer-actor will be taking on the role of Peg, the wise-cracking pound dog who befriends Lady when she’s being held captive.

4. Thomas Mann as Jim Dear

Source: Tumblr

Thomas Mann is on board as Lady’s human owner, Jim Dear. In the animation’s opening sequence, Jim is seen presenting his wife with a puppy as a gift in a hat box.

5. Kiersey Clemons as Darling

Source: Disney Film Facts

Darling is Jim Dear’s wife in “Lady And The Tramp”. Interestingly, we’ve only known the owners of Lady by their pet names. That’s because we’re seeing them strictly through her perspective. Fun fact: in the pre-production of the original animation, Jim Dear was known as Jim Brown, and Darling was named Elizabeth.

6. Benedict Wong as Bull

Source: Disney

The “Doctor Strange” actor will voice Bull, an English bulldog and one of Tramp’s fellow strays.

7. Ashley Jensen as Jackie

Source: DLA News

Ashley Jensen will provide the voice of Scottish Terrier Jackie, a gender-swapped version of the original film’s Jock. You may remember Jock as a loyal friend who lives in Lady’s neighbourhood.

8. Sam Elliott as Trusty

Lady and the Tramp
Source: Zodab

Just like Jock, Trusty is also the neighbour of Lady. He likes to recall his days as a service dog working alongside his grandfather, the esteemed Old Reliable, to track down and apprehend bad guys.

9. Yvette Nicole Brown as Aunt Sarah

Source: Disney Film Facts

She may one of your favourite characters in “Community” but this lady ain’t going to be very nice when she takes on the role of Aunt Sarah. When her 2 trouble-making Siamese cats, Si and Am, deliberately caused mischief and frames Lady, Aunt Sarah takes the female Cocker Spaniel to a pet shop to get a muzzle.


Directed by Charlie Bean, the “Lady And The Tramp” live-action film will debut on Disney+ in 2019.

Sources: Pop Sugar, Disney Wikia.

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