Malaysian Chinese singer-turned-actress Elizabeth Tan will be starring in a new drama titled “Senafas Rindu” opposite actor Syafiq Kyle.

2 weeks ago, the actress posted a photo of herself wearing hijab for the first time, and the photo surprised her fans and netizens. Tan explained that she will be playing a character named Nur Ain, a convert to Islam (muallaf), so she needed to wear hijab to play the part.


Not everyone is impressed by Tan’s new role, considering that she is a non-Muslim thus shouldn’t be playing a Muslim role, but most netizens and fans have been quite positive about it, complimenting her beautiful appearance and hoping that she will be embracing Islam for good.

In her recent Instagram posts, Tan is seen wearing a muslim prayer robe (telekung) and she also uploaded a clip on her IG story where she learns how to perform the Solat (Muslim prayer).

After seeing the clip, many are sending well wishes to her, hoping that she will be receiving Hidayah (guidance) soon.

Again, not everyone is pleased. Some people are questioning if it is fine for her (a non-Muslim) to perform the prayer wearing a real prayer robe and on real prayer rug, while other are suggesting the production crew to hire a real muallaf like Raisyyah Rania Yeap (formerly known as Felixia Yeap) to play the role.

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